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Aqua Med Spa Reward Points

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Aqua Salon & Spa understands and appreciates the choice you make every time you visit us. We believe that entrusting us with your personal services and remaining a loyal guest of Aqua deserves a little something special.

We are proud to announce our new Aqua Rewards program. Enrollment in this program is automatic, so you don’t have to do a thing but reap the rewards each time you come in for a product or service!

How to earn Aqua Med Spa Reward Points:

  • Receive 1 point for every dollar you spend on all med spa services.

Key to Services: HR (hair removal), IPL (Intense Pulse Light), FS (Fractional Sublative)

Watch your Reward Points accumulate and redeem them toward:

2,500 Points:

Redeemable for one of these services: 1 Brown Spot Removal, 1 Mini Botox Eye Treatment, HR Unibrow, HR Ear, HR Chin or HR Lip.

3,500 Points:

Redeemable for one of these services: HR Full Neck, HR Underarm, HR Bikini, 1 Mini Botox Forehead Treatment or FS Upper/Lower Lids.

4,500 Points:

Redeemable for one of these services: IPL Photo Facial, IPL HandsFS Mouth, HR Shoulder/Upper arms, HR Lower arms, or HR Full Face.

5,500 Points:

Redeemable for one of these services: HR Brazilian, FS Gabella, IPL Chest, IPL Shoulders or FS Crows Feet.

6,500 Points:

Redeemable for one of these services: 1 ml Juviderm, HR Full Leg, FS Full Face or HR Back.

*Aqua Reward Points may not be combined with any other discounts.
*Aqua Reward Points are non- transferrable to other guests.

*Aqua Salon & Spa reserves the right to modify the Reward Points system at any time.
*Some restrictions may apply.